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JK Lutherie

John Kinnemeyer has been building & repairing guitars for over 30 years. In the mid-late 80's, attending as many as 35 guitar shows around the country per year buying & selling guitars, parts & accessories became the norm. Throwing a case of Tom Wheeler's American Guitars Books in the truck with plans to set out on the table for sale along with his guitars, he soon recognized more show attendees were reaching for a book then even second looking at the guitars he had. Through the 90's, his guitar show booths grew from single 8' tables of 5 book titles & a dozen guitars to nearly 100' spreads of 5,000-10,000 guitar related reference & instructional books and dvds. Unique original guitar parts, a handful of instruments & accessories were also on hand throughout the sea of books. This led to a retail brick & mortar storefront on the west side of Cincinnati OH offering repair & setup work, lessons, new & used stringed instruments & accessories along with the selection of books for sale. During this time, many guitar players around the world started noticing full page color JK Lutherie magazine advertisements including rear cover of Vintage Guitar Magazine & company website showcasing new release guitar books with one stop shopping opportunity. Rising advertising & guitar show expenses with shrinking margins on product has led to less presence in print advertisement and show arenas since the mid 2000's. Fast forward to present time 2014, John has downsized operations including employees to achieve less overhead to survive in the new Amazon/Ebay/Walmart world we live in. John has returned to his roots concentrating on building & repair work & meeting customers at the store while his oldest son Johnny, an employee of almost 20 years, still ships mail order sales worldwide daily. John hopes to re-engage in guitar shows in the future if the the climate would allow. His selection of books & dvds on hand ready to ship still increases weekly and his quality repair work at humble rates is second to none.

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